GASA ODENSE FRUGT – GRØNT, A.m.b.a’s historie

Vor 1929  

The market gardeners used to lie in a circle around the towns. The gardeners had to drive to the market place in town to sell their products. In the middle of the 1920’ies it was very difficult for the gardeners to sell their products and a lot had to return from the market place without having sold anything. This had to stop. So a group of gardeners went on a trip to the Nederland to study the Dutch Clock which they had heard about. When they returned it was decided that this way of selling fruit and vegetables was the way forward and a union was formed– Gartnernes Salgsforening (there of the name GASA).
1929 It all started at a place at Sorte Brødre Torv in Odense. A Dutch Clock was imported from the Nederland and by the end of May 1929 the first auction took place.
1930-1937  At the early 1930 the union had 199 members and it was decided to build a new headquarter at Middelfartvej – approx. 3.300 m2. In 1937 the turnover increased and the headquarter was expanded with 3.500 m2 more.

1948 In 1948 GASA had 1200 members. So again the facilities had to be expanded. In 1951 a building at 15.000 m2and an area of 41.000 m2 was ready to be used .
1954 25 years after the beginning the turnover was 35,2 million Danish kroner.
1960-1964 In 1960 GASA bought a big area from the municipality of Odense which was the beginning of the construction of the present headquarter at Lavsenvænget.
1978 Throughout the years the market gardeners had changed from being small companies with many different products to becoming bigger and specialized with one or only a few products. The turnover of flower department became oriented towards export. And fruit and vegetables were sold in Denmark. This lead to a split into GASA Blomster og GASA Frugt-Grønt in 1978.
1994 In 1994 the flower department and fruit and vegetables departments became two separate and in depended companies. This was the year GASA Odense Frugt – Grønt A.m.b.a., as we know it today a raised.
1997 GASA Odense Frugt – Grønt A.m.b.a. was approved as a producer organization in 1997
1999 In 1999 the convenience-department with processed vegetables opened
2002 In 2002 a modern ULO storage at approximately 2500 m2 for long time storage of fruit was inaugurated
2012 In 2013 the production at Lavsenvænget 1 was shut down and the storage and office where moved to a rented area in Odense SV
In March 2014 the company moved back to offices at Lavsenvænget 20, and the storage facilities was outsoured.

2015 Today the company is in progress and the development is turned to positive. Both the turnover and the number of members increased.